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Our Philosophy

It takes a team of competent, well- educated, up-to-date, and experienced professionals to provide solutions to today’s accounting, finance, tax, and other consulting problems. Clients expect this from their CPA firm, and that is what we provide at Garcia & Ortiz.

From our perspective, these are the minimum requirements for a successful CPA firm. Garcia & Ortiz strives to do more by providing progressive ideas, and being extensively involved with clients. In fact, responding with proactive involvement and progressive ideas defines our operating philosophy.

We strive to think beyond stage one, suggest new possibilities, and discuss new options to obtain a solution for a business issue. We measure our success by the success of our clients. By offering an open ear, mindful eye, and helping hand, we help carve a path to their success. This is not just the job of any one individual at Garcia & Ortiz; it takes the concerted effort of all members to surpass our clients expectations.

We are in the most fascinating business that life has to offer because accounting is the only profession common to every company. Although our clients’ businesses differ broadly, successful concepts can cross disciplines, it is simply a matter of engineering successful ideas from one discipline and applying them to another business to arrive at a solution.

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