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Audits and Reviews of Privately-held Companies - Audits of Retirement Plans - Evaluation of Internal Controls

Audits and Reviews of Privately-held Companies
Audits of Retirement Plans

Our audit team has the depth, ability and experience in the auditing area to conduct audits in an economical and efficient manner. Accordingly, we are committed to conducting our audits ahead of time schedules. The quality of auditing and other accounting services is assured by the use of audit programs and checklists, a work paper review process and participation of all professional personnel in continuing education programs. We develop audit programs and checklists tailored specifically to assure adherence with generally accepted auditing standards, laws and regulations that are significant to the audit. Our audit approach emphasizes planning and communication throughout the engagement.

Garcia & Ortiz performs audits for numerous industries: Private clubs, not-for-profits, manufacturing, retailing, distribution, financial institutions, construction, real estate development, healthcare, professional practices, restaurants, maritime shipping, retirement plans, local and federal government.

Evaluation of Internal Controls

The loss that occurs when an employee misappropriates funds greatly exceeds the dollars taken. The real loss is in the distraction, frustration, disappointment, and additional costs incurred to resolve the situation.

Garcia & Ortiz has developed the expertise to assist clients in improving their internal controls and minimize the opportunity for misappropriation of funds and other types of fraud.

We will visit your business to analyze payroll transactions, payment of bills and track internal control procedures, prepare a checklist for periodic monitoring of controls, a list of recommendations for improvement of controls, and conduct periodic reviews to hold personnel accountable.

These limited scope engagements are not guaranteed to detect every misuse of funds, but they minimize the opportunity for those who abuse the trust placed on key employees.

Smaller businesses have the serious difficulty of not being able to divide responsibilities in a manner that creates the necessary checks and balances. A periodic review by independent professionals can save your business from the unnecessary headaches caused by misappropriation of funds.