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Qualified Plan Design - Administration - Compliance - Non-Qualified Plans - Compensation

Garcia & Ortiz has vast experience setting up formulas and alternatives to compensate principals and employees. Recommendations to select and implement various retirement plans. Expertise and guidance concerning investment options, profit sharing plans, 401(k)s, money purchase plans, defined benefit plans, target plans, etc. Checklist and assistance to develop approaches to other fringe benefits. Evaluation to determine proper amounts and types of insurance.

Recommendations in structure of retirement plans, administration of all types of qualified plans, completion of forms to be filed with Internal Revenue Service for retirement plans, evaluation and annual report of performance by money managers, guidance and advice regarding options to terminate plans, rollover funds, and protection of assets.

Assistance in structuring methods of deferred compensation, employee fringe benefits, and approach to methods of compensation to address productivity, division of profits within a partnership, etc.